and Housing Ltd.

Housing With Support


Liver Care and Housing charity was established in 2014 to help people living in
poverty, suffering from hardship, distress, due to poor physical and or mental
health, disability, or another disadvantage.


We provide housing and our services to any identified adult who has a health or social care need, inclusive of those who suffer with complex needs, mental health issues, learning disabilities, dementia, emotional unstable personality disorders, brain injuries and or addiction problems. We work closely with local authority commissioners, social workers, and community mental health nurses. Our staff are only recruited because they possess the right values, and we ensure training is completed so all staff are competent.


Our goal is to promote maximum independence, dignity and engagement in the wider community and to function at an optimum level for all our service users.


Support Services

We care for all the people we support.

We strive to provide good quality

care and support to people in our local community.

Charity shop

We have a charity shop and the money

raised through these shops is used to

help our service users.