Our Values Are .

Safety, Empowerment, Respect, Care and Collaboration

Our ambitions.

Liver Care and Housing continue to work in partnership with Commissioners to grow and develop their offer of support and housing.  Liver Care and Housing will continue to work with Adult Services and Health as we are an approved provider with Local Authorities.  This provides an opportunity for our charity to grow and develop its services across the Liverpool City Region.

Our social impact .

The services we deliver at Liver Care and Housing can have a very positive impacts on people’s lives.  For example, we have a service user who has been living in one of our houses for over a decade. Prior to this he was living with his parents.  He has long standing mental health issues, in the past he would try to deal with his mental health issues by drinking alcohol or by using substances.  This would only exacerbate his mental health problems and on many occasions, he would require hospitalisation. This would have a negative impact on his mental health and on his immediate family who would worry deeply. Each time he was admitted to hospital, treated, and then discharged he would quickly return to his unhealthy lifestyle choices. 

Since residing in our supported housing he has not been readmitted to hospital and his quality of life has improved and his family now know he is safe, happy and supported.

Trustees and Board Members.

At Liver Care and Housing, we have a board of six members, three of these are Trustees and members and three are members only. This board meets every three months and discusses in detail the charities activities and plans.

The Trustees are responsible for oversight of the charity, and they share ultimate responsibility of governing the charity.

Our Active Trustees and Members are: –

Debbie kilduff
has a background in financial administration.

Marie Hynes
who has a background in Welfare Rights.

Jamie Moran
has a background in the Criminal Justice.

Our other members who are not trustees are: –

Ray Elder
Employed by the charity as the CEO,
has a background in social work.

Bethany Elder
Finance Officer
has a background in mental health nursing.

Barbara Peters
not employed by the charity but
brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Her qualifications are as follows: –

• BSC Forensic Investigations
• PG Diploma Forensic Medical Sciences
• Certificate in Anatomical pathology
• Diploma in Anatomical pathology
• Certificate in counselling
• Diploma of Bereavement and Grief Counselling
• Post-Mortem consent in England and Scotland

Employing the right people.

At Liver Care we know how important it is to have the right person supporting a family member. All staff who are employed by Liver Care and Housing are required to go through a detailed recruitment process:-

Complete Application, Provide ID, Have Interview, Provide References, Complete DBS and complete training.

All staff must complete mandatory training before they start work, then within 12 weeks are required to complete the Care Certificate training and are then offered NVQ training to further develop. All staff who start with Liver care and Housing are subject to a 6-month probation period.

The head office team.

At Liver Care and Housing, the head office staff team consists of: –

Chief Executive Officer, Finance Officer, Support Managers x 2, Housing Officer, Admin Support.